Is It Possible to Avoid a Costly Sewer Line Repair?

Save Money with Our Local Sewer Line Repair in Laguna Niguel from Area PlumbersAt Laguna Niguel Plumbing and Rooter Pros we specialize in prompt, emergency sewer line repair that aims to minimize (ideally prevent) the damage to your Laguna Niguel property. This doesn’t change the fact that we still feel compassion for our customers who have to endear the very costly and catastrophic issues that arise when a sewer line bursts. One thing that our customers almost exclusively ask us, many times unfortunately after the fact, is “what could I have done to prevent this?”

In some cases, a sewer line failing is simply inevitable. As pipes age the become corroded and vulnerable and sometimes crumble under the pressure of the soil above. That being said, our mantra at brand is that all plumbing issues are preventable by following these two big steps:

Get an Inspection

It doesn’t hurt to get a clearer look at your sewer system, it only hurts NOT to. By scheduling an annual inspection we’ll be able to identify any developing issues throughout your entire plumbing system. The reason an inspection is so important is because many of these causes are by and large hidden. For example, pipes oxidize, have trees grow into them, develop cracks and are burrowed into by rodents without you really knowing until it’s too late.

Operate Your Septic System Responsibly

If you want to prevent the headache of sewer line repair down the line, don’t be a headache to your system now. Some Laguna Niguel residents, either by accident or by fault, treat their toilet like a garbage. Toys, towelettes, hygiene products, diapers, and other “debris” that gets flushed down the toilet is only going to create a blockage somewhere in the system…someday.

We recommend you stay on top of any sewer line repairs by keeping an eye out for any changes not only on the interior of your home (slow drain, water backup, mold) but also the exterior (soggy grass, cracked foundation). These are just a few indicators of possible sewer line issues that should be inspected by Laguna Niguel Plumbing and Rooter Pros immediately.

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